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Backpropagation Neural Network

A 3D display for a simple backpropagation artificial neural network. I forget what solution it was even trying to optimize. Probably something like bitwise addition or multiplication. Oh well. What really matters is the pretty flashing colors, and the cool error graph at the bottom of the sim.

The screenshot problem is doing some sort of bitwise problem. Probably something like learning the XOR problem, or learning bitwise addition or multiplication. These were always favorites of mine for some odd reason. Blah, I always wanted to extend it to a more behavioral application. That's why, in an attempt to encode short-term memory, I plugged some of the output neurons back into the input set, in an attempt to from stable signals between the two. That gave rise to my Recurrence Network project. I never did much testing with it. After learning that the topology was very poor compared to Long-Short Term Memory networks I abandoned the idea. That and I think I took off for the summer to Trout Creek Bible Camp in Corbett, Oregon, far from any chance of furthering my studies. I remember teaching myself the basics of Markov Chains during my first few moments of free time there, but I soon found more pressing things to do. Since then I have almost completely abandoned my initial ideas of using neural nets to implement AI in a side scroller game. It'd be fun.

Download the Windows Binary Here
Download the Source Code Here
Source Code Dependencies M_System3D , M_Math3D , M_Foundation