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This is one of the first MSVC projects I ever made. It must have been almost a good decade ago. I must have wrote it as one of my first OpenGL programs as well, on a Diamond Monster or maybe a TNT if I was lucky. Its so so oldschool that, as you can see, I didn't even know how to use header files for abstraction correctly. I first learned C/C++ from scripting in QuakeC, in which all files were included through one main file. From there my coding practices followed.

The game is not my own. All credit for creativity goes to my brother Jon. He designed it as homage to an older game, Chip's Challenge (or something like that - I never played it) though we stole some concepts from the old NES game Lolo. It was designed as a Visual Basic 1.0 (back in the DOS-days) project. From there we made numerous expansions, such as level editors and two-player versions. When my beginning of education in MSVC came around, I couldn't think of a better game to recreate.

E move up
D move down
S move left
F move right
R restart at lastcheckpoints
A zoom in
Z zoom out
Shift & Move Mouse change view
+ increase visible size
- decrease visible size
Shift & + skip ahead a level
Shift & - skip back a level

Your goal is to get to the blueish-colored end flag. Don't ask me why. Sadly, as many things we find in life, your objective is not met without hindrances of some form.

Download the Source Code Here
Download the Windows Binary Here